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SWBAR News 2019

Clubs affiliated for 2019

Alltrax - Bpm Coaching - City Cycle Couriers RT - Lanhydrock Wheelers - Mid Cornwall Cycling Club - One and All Cycling - Penzance Wheelers CC - Plymouth Corinthian CC - Revo Racing - Royal Navy and Royal Marines CA - St Austell Whs CC - Tavistock Whs CC - Wheal Velocity -

SWBAR 2019 Subscriptions Now Due

Subscriptions are now due. Only 4 weeks to go before the first SWBAR race of 2019, The City Cycle Couriers Open 10 miles TT on the s4/10. The other counting races for 2019 are listed on the website at and the rules can be found at
If you wish to take part in this competition, please remind your club TT secretary to make sure that your club is affiliated by either sending a cheque for £15 payable to Antony Farnell at Flat 1, Trevethan Court, Mitchell Road, Falmouth, TR11 2UQ or making a bank transfer (email or message me for details).
[Wednesday 16 January 2019]

SWBAR 2018


1 Conrad Moss
2 Tim McEvoy
3 Andrew Perkins

1 Vicky Jowett
2 Stacey Ginieres
3 Rose Willis

Men Vet on standard
1 Conrad Moss

Women Vet on standard
1 Rebecca Campbell

Men Team
MDCC Conrad Moss Andrew Perkins Lee Sanderson

Women Team
PZW Stacey Ginieres Martina Geraghty Rebecca Campbell

Men Vet 40
1 Conrad Moss
2 Paul Walshe
3 Peter Miners

Women Vet 40
1 Rose Willis
2 Martina Geraghty
3 Nichola Rorke

Men Vet 45
1 Andrew Perkins
2 Steve Smith
3 Dean Vincent

Men Vet 50
1 Gavin MacDougal
2 Lee Sanderson 3 Steve Hockings-Thompson

Women Vet 50
1 Rebecca Campbell
2 Deb Grills

Men Vet 55
1 Chris Vellacott
2 Mark Sanders

Men Vet 60
1 Chris Scawn
2 Peter Maker
3 Ian Deakin
[Friday 28 September 2018]

SWBAR Awards 2017

Overall Men
1 Conrad Moss, 2 Matt Slater, 3 Niall Todd

Overall Women
1 Crystal Spearman, 2 Zoe Betteridge, 3 Ruth Burrows

Men Vet on Standard
Conrad Moss

Men Vet 40
1 Conrad Moss, 2 Matt Slater, 3 Niall Todd

Men Vet 45
1 Andrew Perkins, 2 Jason McGowan, 3 Nick French

Men Vet 50
1 Lubos Obornik, 2 Gary Fouracres, 3 Steve Hockings-Thompson

Men Vet 55
1 Mark Sanders, 2 Chris Harper 3 NQ

Men Vet 60
1 Chris Scawn, 2 Ian Deakin, 3 Ed Trezona-Phillips

Women Vet on Standard
Rebecca Campbell

Women Vet 40
1 Catherine Hilton, 2 Martina Geraghty, 3 Rose Wilis

Women Vet 50
1 Rebecca Campbell, 2 NQ, 3 NQ

Junior Man

Junior Woman
Hannah Rainger

Men's A Team Mid Devon CC
Conrad Moss, Andrew Perkins, Ian Cullen

Men's B Team St Austell Wheelers
Nick French, Steve Alford, Dean Vincent

Presentation will take place on Sunday 1st April at the St Austell Wheelers Open 25 Miles Time Trial.
[Sunday 18 March 2018]

SWBAR 2018 - Affiliations

Now due

Club affiliations for the 2018 competition are now due. The fee is £15 per club. Clubs may pay by cheque, payable to AK Farnell and sent to 3 Lambs Lane, Falmouth, TR11 2JL, or by bank transfer (message me for details), deadline 28th February. If you are a competitor, please remind you club treasurer/secretary to do this promptly, and check that they have done it.
[Sunday 28 January 2018]

Ian North Steps Down from SWBAR

End of an Era

As many of you know, Ian has been struggling with health issues for several years, and has been forced to relinquish his role in the administration of the SWBAR.
Ian has been a stalwart of the SW time trialing scene for many years, as a competitor, an organiser, a timekeeper, a clubman, a coach and as the treasurer of the SWBAR competition. As I am sure that you would have wanted me to do, I passed on our thanks and gratitude to Ian today, when I met him at the SAW TT.
Personally I am indebted to Ian for timekeeping at most of the open TT races that I have organised in the past and also for his efficiency in collecting affiliation fees and organising the awards for the SWBAR.
On your behalf, I would like to convey to Ian and his wife Pat all our best wishes for the future.
[Sunday 5 March 2017]

SWBAR 2017 Affiliation Fees

Urgent - Now Due

If you wish to take part in the SWBAR in 2017 you need to make sure that (a) your club is affiliated to the SWDC for 2017 AND (b) your club TT secretary has paid the £12 SWBAR fee. The SWBAR fee should be sent to Tony Farnell, 3 Lambs Lane, Falmouth, TR11 2JL, cheques payable to A K Farnell or you can make a BACS transfer (my preference - message or email me for bank details). The first race is on Sunday 19th February, where the awards for 2016 will be presented. For winners who cannot make this date, there will be an alternative presentation at the St Austell race on 5th March.
Please note that any races that you do while your club is not affiliated will not count towards your final SWBAR result, so fees are required promptly before 19th February. Please check that your club secretary has done this.
[Sunday 5 March 2017]

South West Best All Rounder

Awards 2016

After a record breaking season, both in terms of times and number of participants, the leading riders have really earned their awards. Congratulations, too, to all you other riders who completed the required qualifying races. Thanks to you, this annual competition has really come alive in 2016. It is particularly gratifying that so many teams qualified this year, with some clubs having multiple teams represented.
As usual, the award presentation will take place after one of the 2017 early season open races, to be decided when the race list is finalised.

Overall Men
1 Conrad Moss 30.33 (record)
2 Matt Slater 29.51
3 Dean Robson 29.01
4 Tim McEvoy 28.94
5 Liam Bard 28.91

Team Mid-Devon (Conrad Moss, Andrew Perkins, Ian Cullen) 29:06 (record)

Overall Women
1 Zoe Betteridge 25.86
2 Crystal Spearman 25.72
3 Catherine Hilton 24.60

Junior Men
1 Evan Rouse 27.67

Junior Women
1 Hannah Rainger 18.64

Vet Men
1 Conrad Moss +01:19:23
2 Gary Fouracres +01:17:04
3 Chris Scawn +01:12:39
4 Matt Slater +01:12:31
5 Andrew Perkins +01:09:38

Vet Women
1 Catherine Hilton +00:27:21
2 Rose Willis +00:21:18
3 Nik Rorke +00:16:54
[Thursday 10 November 2016]

SWBAR Affiliations for 2016 Now Due

Send to Ian North

SWBAR club affiliation fees for 2016 are now required if you want to participate in the competition. Club secretaries please send cheque for £12 payable to Ian North. Current affiliations are shown below.
[Wednesday 2 March 2016]